Rubber-Metal Isolators
Leveling Mounts

Adjustable, stable positioning

Height-Adjustable Machine Mounts
Natural frequency 8 Hz to 24 Hz

Stability and protection against shock and vibration: Machines and systems placed on the adjustable machine mounts in ACE's LEV product family can be optimally stabilized. These maintenance-free mounts can be leveled extremely accurately, compensating for floor unevenness and ensuring the stability of objects supported. This protects the loads placed on them against damaging shock and vibration, reducing operational noise and improving product quality.

They are available in thread sizes of 3/8-16 to 3/4-10 (M10 to M24) and are suitable for loads from 30 lb to 13,000 lb (45 kg to 5,900 kg). Standard configurations as well as special models available upon-request.

Using LEV leveling mounts, every machine can be kept quiet and safe in injection molding machines, production and processing centers, production lines, assembly stations, small presses and many other applications.

Technical Data

Natural frequency 8 Hz to 24 Hz

Operating temperature range -22 °F to 176 °F

Environment Resistant against UV radiation

Material Outer body: Zinc plated steel, painted; Isolation medium: Neoprene (chloroprene rubber)

Application field Machines and plants, Transport roads, Conveyor systems, Assembly stations, Small presses, Compressors and ventilation systems, Test and calibration appliances


Easy to level. Compensates for floor unevenness.

On request

Special vibration-isolating feet according to design and custom-made product. Other special options.


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