Vibration isolation for high performance projectors

Low Freq. Pneumatic Levelling Mounts PLM
Three pneumatic levelling mounts of the type PLM-1 from the ACEolator family enable a mobile 3D HDD projector used by an opera company in Wales to produce razor-sharp images Copyright: Welsh National Opera, Cardiff CF10 5AL, United Kingdom
Oscillation insulation, Machines and plants, Measuring tables, Production plants, Finishing and processing centers

Highest image stability due to system for eliminating low-frequency vibrations on high-performance 3D projectors

In an opera production a 3D HDD projector was supposed to project images onto the stage during performances. Standing as it did on a trolley, which was to be moved over a tiled floor, the projector was virtually unusable. The problem was solved by combining an increase in the projector frame to 22 lbs with the assembly of pneumatic levelling mounts PLM-1 from ACE. PLM is located in the low-frequency range and is primarily used when measuring tables, test equipment and high-performance machines need to be perfectly isolated.

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