Safety Bumpers
Crash Dampers

Highly effective aluminium and steel energy absorption elements

Single-use emergency stop dampers

Single-use, yet extremely useful protection: With its crash dampers, ACE offers engineers a single-use solution as a high-efficiency plant safety option. Each crash element, made of custom designed aluminium piping or steel, absorbs even high inertia forces almost instantaneously in the event of an impact. When arranged in series or parallel, the crash elements can absorb even higher energy values at once.

Other advantages of the emergency stop systems developed in sophisticated test series are their simple installation, ease of retrofitting in existing plants, speed of replacement and reduced downtime after a crash. The deformation of the crash box also allows the incident to be reconstructed, ideally helping avoid the same problem in future.

With these benefits, the crash dampers are already protecting many linear axes in robotics applications as well as the limit positions of tool machines, conveyor systems and high bay rack feeders.

Technical Data

Energy absorption 98 %

Standard colour Umbra grey RAL 7022: Outer diameter 88
Ruby red RAL 3003: Outer diameter 38 and 63

Construction size 20 mm to 88 mm

Material Outer body: Powder-coated aluminium or Steel

Mounting In any position

Impact velocity range max. 5 m/s

Application field Emergency stop damping in linear axes, Portal systems, Tool machines, Test stations, Electro-mechanical drives


The single-use damper must be replaced after each impact.

Safety information

Where necessary, use thread locking fluid to secure the threaded pins.

On request

Also available with centring pins and other special versions.


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