Clamping Elements

Combined compact design clamping and braking

Safety Clamping for Rail Systems, Compact
Holding forces 2,655 in-lbs to 18,587 in-lbs

Small can clamp perfectly too: the LOCKED-Family SLK clamping elements are more compact than the SL range. They also clamp directly onto the respective linear guide, suit all standard rail sizes from 15 mm to 55 mm and profiles from most suppliers and are extremely reliable and safe.

With a patented spring steel plate system, the product family SLK achieves clamping and holding forces of up to 472 lbs (2,100 N) with the shortest reaction times when vented. Thanks to the sintered metal coatings and the clamping function in emergency stop (e.g. in case of a power failure), this range enables braking directly on the rail. All clamping elements offer the maximum holding and braking forces and achieve up to 1 million clamping cycles or up to a maximum of 500 emergency braking operations in the 58 to 87 psi (4 and 6 bar) version.

LOCKED SLK are used in automation and machine building and customized mechanical engineering.

Technical Data

Holding force 2,655 in-lbs to 18,587 in-lbs

Rail sizes 0.60 in to 2.17 in

Emergency use 500

Clamping cycles 1,000,000

Mounting In any position

Material Outer body: Tool steel; Brake components: Sintered graphite

Pneumatic medium Dried, filtered air

Operating temperature range 59 °F to 113 °F

Application field Tool machines, Transport systems, Feeder installations, Positioning tables, Assembly stations


If requested installation drawings of the respective types are provided.

On request

Special designs on request.

Application Examples

Clamping Elements - LOCKED SLK
The goods accumulator and compensator of a material dispenser carries meandering, coiled, highly tear resistant material strips, which are fed at high speed to a tyre-manufacturing machine. To prevent damage to the machine, innovative and...

Application Areas

  • Tool machines
  • Transport systems
  • Feeder installations
  • Positioning tables
  • Assembly stations
LOCKED SLK are used in automation and machine building and customized mechanical engineering.

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