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Enertrols joins ACE to provide world-class deceleration and automation control

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About 15 years ago, ACE Controls purchased Enertrols. At the time our strategy was to keep the brands separate as the two companies served different markets and the product lines had different strengths. Over time the market, and customer needs, have changed. The two product lines have moved closer together. It’s now time to bring the two brands and product lines together so that we can provide the maximum support and focus to the people that use our products.

Starting January 1, 2017 all of our Enertrols distributors are now full ACE Controls distributors with access to the full ACE product line. Moving forward, the engineering and production teams at ACE will be able to focus on one line of shock absorbers, gas springs and hydraulic dampers, vibration controls and safety products. Our applications team will be continue to deliver engineering and sizing support on all of our products.

We look forward to combining these two great brands in to one motion, deceleration and vibration control powerhouse. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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