Hydraulic Dampers
SOL-28 - Solar Dampers

Linear motion control, non-Adjustable, progressive damping rate
Compression and extension force 2,230 lbs
Stroke 14.88“ and 15.00“

High quality and long service life: The hydraulic dampers of the SOL family can be used to provide support for minimizing the negative effects of weather anomalies (i.e. vortex shedding, wind galloping) to PV Solar Tracking systems. Its wear-resistant surface coating provides a long-lasting, high quality appearance. The heat-treated rod delivers exceptional performance and life expectancy.

Technical Data

Compression and extension force 2,230 lbs

Stroke 14.88“ and 15.00“

Outer body diameter 1.10“

Piston rod diameter .55“

Lifetime Approx. 1 Million cycles

Free travel 0%

Operating temperature range -22 °F to 176 °F

Adjustment Non-adjustable, speed dependent

Damping medium Mineral oil

Material Outer body: Coated steel; End fittings: Zinc plated steel

Mounting In rod downwards position

Application field Solar Trackers


Increased break-away force if unit has not moved for some time.

End fittings

They are supplied fixed per model. However can be interchangeable and must be positively secured
with threadlocking compound by the customer to prevent unscrewing.

Safety information

Do not open or heat.


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