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HB-12 to HB-70

Linear motion control

Compression and extension force 4 lbs to 11,240 lbs
Stroke 0.98 in to 31.50 in

High quality and long service life: The hydraulic dampers of the product family HB can also be used as single or double acting brake. Its coated body and piston rods with wear-resistant surface treatment are features of high quality and long service life.

The maintenance free, ready-to-install and closed systems provide a constant feed rate and are adjustable. The control segment on the piston makes adjustment at the end position child’s play. Thanks to a broad selection of end fittings the assembly is easy to mount, so that the damper can be universally deployed for damping swinging masses, such as in power or free conveyors.

On automotive, automation and machine building, medical technology or the electronics and furniture industry, these machine elements are found in a number of different areas.

Technical Data

Compression and extension force 4 lbs to 11,240 lbs

Stroke 0.98 in to 31.50 in

Outer body diameter Ø 0.47 in to Ø 2.76 in

Piston rod diameter Ø 0.16 in to Ø 1.18 in

Lifetime Approx. 250,000 cycles

Free travel Construction of the damper results in a free travel of approx. 20 % of stroke.

Separator piston Available as a special option without free travel achieved by separator piston and nitrogen accumulator.

Operating temperature range -4 °F to 176 °F

Adjustment Achieved by turning the piston rod in its fully extended or fully compressed position.

Positive stop External positive stops 0.04 in to 0.24 in before the end of stroke provided by the customer.

Damping medium Hydraulic oil or Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)

Material Outer body: Coated steel; Piston rod: Steel or stainless steel with wear-resistant coating; End fittings: Zinc plated steel

Mounting In any position

Application field Conveyor systems, Transport systems, Furniture industry, Locking systems, Sports equipment


Increased break-away force if unit has not moved for some time.

End fittings

They are interchangeable and if necessary must be positively secured by the customer to prevent unscrewing.

On request

Special oils and other special options. Alternative accessories available on request.


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