Opening and closing mechanisms for container flaps

Hydraulic Dampers HB-12 to HB-70
Hydraulic dampers prevent fingers becoming trapped in used-clothes containers as they ensure more gentle opening and closing movements Copyright: MCB Milieu & Techniek BV, 4704 SE Roosendaal, Netherlands
Locking systems, Transport systems, Furniture industry, Hoods, Machines and plants

Hydraulic dampers prevent fingers from being trapped on old clothes containers, as they make opening and closing movements smoother

In the past, operators of used-clothes containers could sustain injury because the flaps closed relatively quickly and uncontrollably. Various HB-15 hydraulic dampers from ACE, which are designed specifically for the type of container, regulate the synchronization of the flap in both directions and thereby serve to regulate the operating speed. To accommodate a range of requirements and to provide optimal protection against theft, different types with different strokes are mounted on flaps without damping, on large flaps with damping and on rotor flaps with damping.

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