Vibration-Isolating Pads

Tailor-made vibration isolation

SLAB, CEL and PAD: three different pad types, one purpose; to provide users with the best customized isolation technology. ACE delivers this with the wide-ranging offer of vibration isolating pads and with customization specific to the customer.

SLAB products are universal damping pads produced from PUR materials according to a patented formula. The low frequency damping CEL is made of nitrile rubber and can be attached in multiple layers. The robust textile and elastomer pads from the PAD series are assembled in layers, which makes them very strong and versatile.

All three product families are available as standard pads or custom shapes cut precisely to customer requirements.

Product families

SLAB 170 to SLAB 275

SLAB 170 to SLAB 275 Universally applicable and custom manufactured: ACE supplies cushioning pads in the SL-170 to SL-275 range under its brand name SLAB.


CEL Isolating objects from flooring or foundations: ACE offers another effective solution for preventing damaging vibrations: its CEL low frequency damping pads.


PAD Custom shapes: pad, washers or bushings.


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