Safety Bumpers

Top for emergency stopping

The extremely successful Safety Dampers series from ACE are suitable for emergency stop, as overrun protection or as end stop dampers.

So the TUBUS Profile Dampers, which are available in different variants, are not only suitable for absolute emergencies. They are also ideal for use in heavy duty or crane systems, for example, when masses do not need to be instantly decelerated or when working under extreme conditions. They are cost-effective, feature small, lightweight designs, and can be considered as an alternative to hydraulic end-position damping.

The TUBUS TI and the ACE crash dampers, on the other hand, are irreversible one-time dampers that protect your valuable machinery and equipment from costly failures in an absolute emergency.

Product families


TUBUS TC and TC-S For even more protection: the profile dampers from the TC range of the ACE TUBUS-Series can also be used as safety dampers.


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