Safety Products

Protection for all machine designs under any condition

This ACE product group provides Emergency braking to safely slow down moving loads and reduce damaging forces. Although the safety shock absorbers, TUBUS elastomer bumpers and clamping elements differ so much in design, every single ACE component provides the best protection for your machine.

They demonstrate their main advantages in emergency stop situations and, based on the protection they provide, are very cost-effective. Furthermore, they can all be easily integrated into existing design and largely work independent of energy supplies.

Product Series

Safety Shock Absorbers

Safety Shock Absorbers As an alternative to the standard shock absorber, Safety shock absorbers are the tried and tested low cost method of preventing those occasional emergency stops.

Safety Bumpers

Safety Bumpers The extremely successful Safety Dampers series from ACE are suitable for emergency stop, as overrun protection or as end stop dampers.

Clamping Elements

Clamping Elements Clamping elements from the LOCKED series provide a high level of safety.

Viscoelastic Shock Absorbers

Viscoelastic Shock Absorbers This series is the interesting addition to ACE's security portfolio.


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