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Basic Types
TYPESEnergy capacity in-lbs/cycleEnergy capacity emergency use in-lbs/cycleStroke max. inch

Safety Bumpers

Compact powerhouse

Crane Installations
Energy capacity 3,983 in-lbs/Cycle to 112,626 in-lbs/Cycle
Maximum stroke 2.44 in to 7.80 in

For even more protection: the profile dampers from the TC range of the ACE TUBUS-Series can also be used as safety dampers. These maintenance-free, ready-to-install damping elements made of co-polyester elastomer have been specially developed for use in crane systems and meet the international industry standards for OSHA and CMAA. The TC-S design employs a unique dual concept to achieve the spring rate required for crane systems.

Whether TC-S or TC, this range of models represents a cost-effective solution with high energy absorption for energy management systems. The very small and light design of Ø 2.52““ to Ø 6.93““ (Ø 64 mm to Ø 176 mm) progressively covers energy absorption within a range of 3,983 in-lbs to 157,632 in-lbs (450 Nm to 17,810 Nm).

The profile dampers from the TC range protect cranes, loading and lifting equipment, hydraulic units and much more.

Technical Data

Stroke max. 2.44 in to 7.80 in

Energy absorption 31 % to 64 %

Dynamic force range 17,985 lbs to 219,864 lbs

Operating temperature range -40 °F to 120 °F

Construction size 2.52 in to 6.93 in

Material hardness rating Shore 55D

Material Profile body: Co-Polyester Elastomer

Mounting In any position

Environment Resistant to microbes, seawater or chemical attack. Excellent UV and ozone resistance. Material does not absorb water or swell.

Impact velocity range Max. 16.4 ft/sec

Torque max. M12: 36.88 ft-lbs
M16: 29.50 ft-lbs (DIN912)
M16: 88.51 ft-lbs (shouldered screw)


Suitable for emergency stop applications and for continous use. For applications with preloading and increased temperatures please consult ACE.

On request

Special strokes, -characteristics, -spring rates, -sizes and -materials.

Application Examples

Safety Bumpers - TUBUS TC and TC-S
A sorting plant for copper from Wieland-Werke AG is used to separate the metal-dross mixture. During the separation process the metal runners with a mass of up to 8, 818.49 lb land in a steel collecting structure. With a drop height of 90,5 inch...
Safety Bumpers - TUBUS TC and TC-S
Helicopters are lightly built and must be handled with appropriate care, especially if these flying objects are to be brought to their place of operation as air cargo. Then the interior of the transport aircraft is usually only slightly larger...
Safety Bumpers - TUBUS TC and TC-S
With their function of limiting swinging movement, they secure machines when cornering and loading and provide a high degree of comfort and safety as well as securing the loaders. A further advantage is that the shovel can be loaded up to its full...
Safety Bumpers - TUBUS TC and TC-S
Whether for aircraft cockpits, train drivers’ cabs or passenger vehicles: the motion principle of platforms for simulators is always the same. Type TA profile dampers and type TC and TC-S safety dampers from ACE are used to protect the x, y and...

Application Areas

  • Crane systems
  • Loading and lifting equipment
  • Hydraulic devices
  • Electro-mechanical drives
The profile dampers from the TC range protect cranes, loading and lifting equipment, hydraulic units and much more.

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