Pendulum limiting systems for tele wheel loaders

Safety Bumpers TUBUS TC and TC-S
High level of stability and more driving comfort for tele-wheel loaders
Agricultural machines, Construction machines
Vehicle technology, Off road, Agricultural machinery, Conveyor systems, Vehicles and transport industry

TUBUS profile dampers give tele wheel loaders in agriculture a high degree of stability

With their function of limiting swinging movement, they secure machines when cornering and loading and provide a high degree of comfort and safety as well as securing the loaders. A further advantage is that the shovel can be loaded up to its full capacity for better performance when levelling and pushing. Small cost, large force absorption: The TUBUS bumper TC design series employed here convinces with its energy absorption in the range of 3,983 in-lbs up to 112,626 in-lbs, whereby the machine elements with diameters of between 2.52 inch and 6.93 inch are very easily integrated into construction designs.

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