Motion support for assembly arms in the automotive industry

Industrial Gas Springs – Push Type GST-40 Tandem
Closing and opening of the 440-lbs top tool which is used for inserting the rear window in convertible roofs is easily manageable by hand thanks to the deployment of ACE tandem gas springs
Mech. engineering & automation
Assembly stations, Folding elements, Loading and lifting equipment, Hoods, Machine housing

Special ACE tandem gas springs enable the precise assembly of convertible roofs in automotive production

Industrial gas springs add support to the muscular strength of the user when opening doors, hoods and covers. Standard models however, which are used for example on vehicle hoods and tailgates, are limited by the functional principle on which they are based. ACE provides its industrial tandem gas springs GST (push type) for large and above all heavy elements, which need to be moved and joined together, as they do in this case, in the production of convertible roofs. Success in this case is achieved by synchronising an initial angle of 350° with an opening angle of 80° and a mass of 440 lbs, which is accomplished at a handle radius of 33 in!

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