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Customizable shapes and sizes

Universal Damping Pads
Natural frequency 12 Hz to 50 Hz
Load range 0.29 psi to 72.5 psi

Universally applicable and custom manufactured: ACE supplies cushioning pads in the SL-170 to SL-720 range under its brand name SLAB. These universally applicable absorbers are made from highly cushionable elastic PUR materials. The 0.50 in or 1in thick plates can be supplied with a density of 375 lbsg/m3 to1,587 lbs/m3 provide made-to-measure vibration isolation. They can be combined as isolation packages and custom-made to suit requirements, using water-jet cutting. Other made-to-measure options from ACE include on-site vibration measurement and product selection, a special sizing software package, and cost-neutral design.

SLAB plates can be used in many applications, such as foundations for plants and machines, compressors, pumping stations, test benches, staircase bearings and generators.
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Technical Data

Natural frequency 12 Hz to 50 Hz

Load range 0.29 psi to 72.5 psi

Standard colour Yellow, Turquoise, Green

Standard density SL-170 = 13.1 lb/ft3
SL-210 = 17.2 lb/ft3
SL-275 = 17.2 lb/ft3
SL-450 = 28.1 lb/ft3
SL-600 = 37.5 lb/ft3
SL-720 = 45 lb/ft3

Dimensions Widths: up to 59.1 in
Lengths: up to 196.9 in
Thicknesses: 0.49 in and 0.98 in

Operating temperature range -22 °F to 158 °F

Environment Resistant against ozone and UV radiation. Chemical resistancy on request.

Material Profile body: Mixed cellular PUR-Elastomer (polyurethane)


Possibilities for cutting: Water jet cutting, stamping, splitting, sawing and drilling.

Safety information

Fire rating: B2, normally flammable according to DIN 4102.

On request

Special versions with further dimensions such as thicknesses, colors, shapes and drawing parts e.g. curves.


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