Decoupling of pumps in hydropower plants

Vibration-Isolating Pads SLAB 170 to SLAB 275
Elastic screw connection using SLAB damping pads: structure-borne sound transmission successfully decoupled from the pump to the underlying tank with ACE Copyright: Schluchseewerk Aktiengesellschaft, 79725 Laufenburg, Germany
Renewable energy
Pumping stations and generators, Oscillation insulation, Pipeline insulation, Conveyor technology

Elastic screw connections decouple heavy power station pumps and ensure efficient noise reduction

In a hydropower plant, screw pumps caused a noise level of 86 dB. This was happening due to the direct transmission of the forces generated during the pumping process to a water tank. This caused the entire facility to vibrate. The background noise was so loud that it was disturbing power plant employees. By inserting virbration isolating SLAB pads from the product family SL-170 to SL-720 between the screw head and the pump, the noise was reduced by 6.6 dB. Considering that a 10 dB reduction halves the volume, this is a big step forward in employee safety.

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