Damping system for moving parts in playing card shufflers

Rotary Dampers FRT-G2
Playing cards are shuffled simply and quietly Copyright: one2six is a trademark and copyright of Shuffle Master, Inc.
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Maintenance-free damping systems in playing card shufflers guarantee quiet playing

ACE rotary dampers ensure the quiet shuffling of playing cards. Software controlled playing card shuffling machines such as this one are used throughout the world and are equipped with rotary dampers from the FRT-G2 product family .Maintenance-free and ready for installation, they ensure a low-noise stop of a plastic wedge located in the device and moving upwards before inserting the card set. The dampers can be applied to suit your requirements; clockwise, anticlockwise or in both directions; and they are just as reliable as the open and close slides in high qualitiy DVD or CD players.

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