Inclination compensation for handbike sports sleds

Hydraulic Feed Controls VC25
An optimized design using feed controls stabilizes a handbike on ice and allows for a 50% higher speed on bends than was previously possible Copyright: Ad Aarts, 5258 LC Berlicum, Netherlands
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Innovative inclination compensation on sporty Ice handbikes increases cornering speeds by 50 %

Usual handbike sport sledges have problems in the curves even on wet roads. In order to be able to make speed on ice not only on the straights, a Dutchman further developed his special construction for this special vehicle. With standard gas springs, it used to be able to go 8.7 mi/h in curves. With a gas-filled oil brake from ACE, this speed increased by 50 percent. This is due to the possibility of compensating for an inclined plane in the horizontal area with a combination of oil brake and gas filling. This is because the seat of his handbike tilts by 10 to 15 degrees when cornering.

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