Opening and closing mechanisms for heavy covers on underground distribution systems

Industrial Gas Springs – Push Type GST-40 Tandem
ACE industrial tandem gas springs (push type) enable easy maintenance of supply boxes by making the heavy flaps easier to operate Copyright: Langmatz GmbH, 82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
Loading and lifting equipment, Hoods, Shutters, Machine housing, Conveyor systems

ACE industrial tandem gas springs (push type) make maintenance work on underground supply boxes more convenient, as their heavy flaps can be moved more easily

Underground distribution systems are visually advantageous. To facilitate their servicing, the heavy covers of the often large supply systems are brought back to the surface with the help of ACE industrial tandem gas springs (push type). This is quite easily achieved thanks to the use of two pressure pipes, the result of which is two different force ranges. This means fitters must not endure laborious bending and a downward passage into the system of channels. In addition to these advantages, the springs benefit from their long service life and their capacity to be used, as stainless steel variants, in even the most hygienically-sensitive areas.

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