Pneumatic rod clamping for hydraulic presses

Clamping Elements LOCKED PN
Pneumatic rod clamping allows hydraulic presses to be used for any application Copyright: KOMAGE Gellner Maschinenfabrik KG, 54427 Kell am See, Germany
Mech. engineering & automation
Jacking systems, Light presses, Punching/stamping machines, Stacking units, Production plants

Pneumatic ACE rod clamping hold stamp plates of hydraulic presses in exact position during production breaks and make the machine usable at any time

With the help of hydraulic presses, cut ceramic parts are manufactured during the week. So that the rods of the upper and lower stamping plate do not sag when the press is at a standstill over the weekend or during holidays and therefore have to be setup again on the next working day, LOCKED PN rod clamps from ACE are used.

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