Emergency stop systems for cross table guides with planar motors

Safety Shock Absorbers SCS33 to SCS64
Planar motor with cross-table design and hybrid kinematics for milling tests, protected in the end positions by ACE SCS family miniature shock absorbers Copyright: IFW Institute for Production Technology, Leibniz University Hanover, 30823 Garbsen, Germany
Mech. engineering & automation
Machining centers, Torque motors, Machines and plants, Emergency stop damping in linear axes

Self-compensating ACE safety shock absorbers support scientific project to develop optimum cross table guidance and hybrid kinematics for machine tools

Four ACE SCS33 safety shock absorbers protect the end positions of a directly driven planar motor. The special focus of this science project: It was to be taken into consideration that a combination of kinetic and drive energy was to be absorbed. Taking the collected data and the fact that new dampers should not be constantly installed in new developments into consideration, self-compensating types were installed that were theoretically somewhat over-dimensioned. The concept of the planar motor has the potential of increasing the productivity of toolmaking machines, etc.

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