Brake components for swinging flags

Miniature Shock Absorbers MC150 to MC600
Miniature shock absorbers protect the end positions during driving safety training Copyright: Dorninger Hytronics GmbH, 4210 Unterweitersdorf, Austria
Linear slides, Pneumatic cylinders, Swivel units, Handling modules, Machines and plants

Gentle folding and unfolding of swinging flags for driving safety training

In the case of driving safety training, swinging flags are used to simulate the sudden appearance of obstacles. If the driver reacts too slowly, the flags swing back just as quickly to prevent damage to the vehicle. In order to protect the end positions of this safety system during to and fro motion, ACE miniature shock absorbers from the MC150 to MC225 product family are installed. In this application they come with a special side load adapter for use in this situation. Among other things, this improves the ability of the shock absorber to absorb lateral forces during back and forth motion.

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