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Industrial Gas Springs – Push Type

Individual stroke length and extension forces

Valve Technology
Extension force max. 259 lbs
Stroke 23.62 inch

Universal and tailor made: ACE industrial gas springs offer perfect support of muscle power with forces from 2 to 2,923 lbs. (10 to 13,000 N) with body diameter of 0.31"" to 2.76"" (8 to 70 mm). These durable and sealed systems are ready for installation, maintenance-free and filled with pressurized nitrogen gas.

They are filled according to individual customer pressure requirements and may be adjusted later by use of a built-in valve. ACE provides free calculation support and designs the gas springs with mounting points specifically for the particular application. A variety of accessories makes assembly even easier and allows universal application of the gas springs.

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Valve Technology


Stroke23.62 inch
L extended49.69 inch

Technical Data

Extension force max. 259 lbs

Piston rod diameter Ø 0.55 in

Progression Approx. 63 % to 76 %

Lifetime Approx. 32,808 ft

Operating temperature range -4 °F to 176 °F

Material Outer body: Steel coated with UV paint; Piston rod: Steel with wear-resistant coating; End fittings: Zinc plated steel

Operating fluid Nitrogen gas and oil

Mounting In any position. Hint: We recommend mounting with piston rod downwards to take advantage of the built-in end position damping.

End position damping length approx. 1.18"""" to 2.76"""" (depending on the stroke)

Positive stop External positive stop at the end of stroke provided by the customer.


Integrated grease chamber reduces friction and wear and optimizes lubrication.

End fittings

They are interchangeable and if necessary must be positively secured by the customer to prevent unscrewing.

Safety information

Gas pressure springs should not be installed under pre-tension.

On request

Special oils and other special options. Alternative accessories. Different end position damping and extension speed.

General information

Application Examples

GS-8-70 - Weatherscape™ Team Shelter
GS-8-70 - Weatherscape™ Team Shelter
The Weatherscape™ Team Shelter, created by Sportsfield, is designed to have a collapsible roof that can be lowered to the ground when not in use. The unique parameters of this design made it difficult to determine the needed spring force and ideal...
GS-8-70 - Maintenance work on harvesting machines
GS-8-70 - Maintenance work on harvesting machines
ACE industrial gas springs prevent injuries during maintenance work on harvesting machines. The blades of corn pickers are arranged under plastic hoods, which assure proper material flow within the machine. For maintenance purposes, the hoods,...
GS-8-70 - Mini-incubator
GS-8-70 - Mini-incubator
ACE industrial gas springs (push type) protect samples in an incubator, which is used for chemical and biochemical applications. The plexiglass hood, under which may be found valuable laboratory goods, is securely held open by two...
GS-8-70 - Rescue Helicopter
GS-8-70 - Rescue Helicopter
ACE industrial gas springs make opening and closing doors of rescue helicopters easier. The maintenance-free, sealed systems are installed in the access doors of helicopters of the EC 135. There, they allow the crew to enter or exit the helicopter...
GS-8-70 Industrial gas spring in dream role on wooden gate
GS-8-70 Industrial gas spring in dream role on wooden gate
Industrial gas springs from ACE are used to ensure a heavy wooden gate can be driven easily over uneven ground in front of a shelter for asylum seekers. Models of the type GS-40-200 have been integrated into the metal supports of the gate rollers...
GS-8-70 Drum bell securely in position
GS-8-70 Drum bell securely in position
In order to process demanding potting materials in drum stirring stations for casting resin, which runs reliably in 200-liter drums; the container needs to be completely sealed. In this application, a bell is driven over the respective drum, and...
GS-8-70 Better acceleration with ACE gas springs
GS-8-70 Better acceleration with ACE gas springs
The versatility of industrial gas springs is demonstrated through their use in a racing car. Installed on the accelerator, they compensate disruptive pedal movements through the backflow of nitrogen when the throttle valve is opened. This...
GS-8-70 Ski-jumping ramp
GS-8-70 Ski-jumping ramp
The addition of two ACE industrial GS-22-200-EE push type gas springs make training on a ski jumping ramp much easier. With their help, moving mobile launch bars is child’s play. Located at the starting tower, the launch bars are a necessary part...
GS-8-70 Transformer cores
GS-8-70 Transformer cores
When winding a transformer core with resin tape, oval transformer legs can potentially cause a drop in tension. The tension of the tape is extremely important. To make sure the sheets in the transformer do not move even a millimeter during...

Application Areas

  • Hoods
  • Shutters
  • Machine housing
  • Conveyor systems
  • Control boxes
  • Furniture industry
  • Jacking applications
  • Assembly stations
  • Vehicle technology
  • Folding elements
ACE industrial gas push type springs are used on covers, lids, or other components. They are used in industrial applications, automation and machine building, medical technology as well as in the electronics, automobile and furniture industries.

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