Slide Bar with soft gliding and damping sliding mechanism

Industrial Gas Springs – Push Type GS-8 to GS-70
Perfect Slide Bar with soft gliding and damping sliding mechanism thanks to heavy-duty rail and gas spring from ACE
Home furniture
Furniture industry, Shutters, Hoods, Hinge support for sanitation and furniture

Masterpiece completed with ACE gas springs

Carpenter Dominik Huber has created a “Slide Bar“ as a masterpiece. This is also characterised by the cube that slides upwards and to the side and serves as a bar. To make this function as smooth and safe as possible, he relies on an industrial gas spring from ACE. With a diameter of 28 mm and a stroke of 650 mm, it supports the muscle power of the operator in interaction with a heavy-duty rail, which is also concealed, and contributes to the high-quality impression by gliding smoothly and effortlessly. Dominik Huber and his masterpiece received additional valuable support from the customised service provided by ACE in Austria.

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