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TYPESEnergy capacity in-lbs/cycleStroke inch

Safety Shock Absorbers

Low reaction forces with long strokes

High Rack Damper, Optimized Characteristic
Energy capacity 558,000 in-lbs/cycle
Stroke 13.78 inch

Slim with a long stroke: safety shock absorbers from the SCS38 to SCS63 product family are designed for emergency-stop applications. Strokes of up to 47.24"" (1,200 mm) are possible with these maintenance-free and ready-to-install dampers. Low reaction forces result due to the large strokes.

ACE uses our proprietary custom calculation program to design each shock absorber for the specific customer application. Customization helps reduce the risk of crashes and incorrect product sizing. The characteristic curve or damping characteristics of all safety shock absorbers from ACE are individually designed to the specific customer application. The metering orifices for the applications are specially calculated and produced. These tailor-made machine elements are the ideal protection because they are less expensive than industrial shock absorbers and are effective with up to 1,000 possible full load emergency stops.

CAD Drawings


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High Rack Damper, Optimized Characteristic


Stroke13.78 inch
A max.36.42 inch
B21.85 inch
D20.11 inch
E max.15.43 inch

Technical Data

Energy capacity 558,000 in-lbs/cycle

Reacting Force At max. capacity rating = 18,000 lbs to 47,200 lbs lbs

Return Force min. 337 lbs

Return Force max. 562 lbs

F and S
Side Load Angle max.
5.0 °

Side Load Angle max.
4.0 °

Impact velocity range 1.6 ft/sec to 15 ft/sec

Operating temperature range -4 °F to 140 °F. Other temperatures on request.

Mounting In any position

Positive stop Integrated

Material Outer body, Rod end button: Steel corrosion-resistant coating; Piston rod: Hard chrome plated steel

Damping medium Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)

Filling pressure Approx. 29 psi. Rod return by integrated nitogen accumulator.


These slimline, high-performance safety shock absorbers are only designed for emergency stop situations. They can be used for a number of tasks in gantries and conveyor systems, processing centres or assembly machines.

On request

Special oils, special flanges, additional corrosion protection etc. Integrated rod sensor for indicating the complete extension of the piston rod. Type normally closed or normally open, option PNP or NPN switch.

General information

Application Examples

Safety Shock Absorbers - SCS38 to SCS63
The aim was to protect a driving simulation capsule on two of its eight axes. The demands placed on a potential emergency stopper were high because it was clear that its failure would lead to massive damage to the complete construction as well as...

Application Areas

  • Shelf storage systems
  • Heavy load applications
  • Outer body, Rod end button: Steel corrosion-resistant coating; Piston rod: Hard chrome plated steel
  • Conveyor systems
  • Portal systems
  • Test stations
Anyone who wants to reliably protect the end positions of rack operating equipment, conveyor and crane systems, heavy duty applications and test benches chooses these safety shock absorbers from ACE.

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