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TYPESStroke inchL extended inchCompression force max. lbs

Hydraulic Dampers

Regulation at the highest level

Compression force max. 2,248.10 lbs
Stroke 5.91 inch

ACE Controls HBD hydraulic dampers are maintenance-free, self-contained and sealed units. They are available with body diameters from 0.59"" to 1.57"" (15 mm to 40 mm) and with stroke lengths of up to 31.5"" (800 mm). Unlike standard hydraulic dampers that include free travel up to 20 % of stroke, these dependable units have no free travel and are ideal for applications that require this level of performance. Double-acting hydraulic dampers are standard. However, a single acting design is available. Adjustment is easily achieved by pulling and turning the rod until the desired damping speed is achieved. The travel speed is adjustable and remains constant throughout the stroke.

The single acting version is controllable in one direction only, with free-flow in the opposite direction. A built-in antilock guard allows adjustment to be made at any damping rate without unit lock up. These reliable units offer long life-cycle performance. A variety of end fittings are available for ease of operation and installation, and are included.

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Stroke5.91 inch
L extended22.83 inch

Technical Data

Compression force max. 2,248.10 lbs

Traction force max. 2,248.10 lbs

Outer body diameter Ø 1.57 in inch

Piston rod diameter Ø 0.55 in

Lifetime Approx. 250,000 cycles

Free travel These units have no free travel and are ideal for applications that require this level of performance.

Operating temperature range -4 °F to 176 °F

Adjustment Pull the piston rod out to its fully extended position. While pulling on the rod, turn it clockwise or counter-clockwise until the desired damping is achieved. The adjustment is multi-turn and correct damping may require several trial and error adjustments. A built-in antilock guard allows adjustments to be made at any damping rate without unit lock up.

Positive stop External positive stops 0.04 in to 0.06 in before the end of stroke provided by the customer.

Damping medium Petroleum oil

Material Outer body: Black anodized aluminium; Piston rod: Hard chrome plated steel; End fittings: Zinc plated steel

Mounting In any position


Increased break-away force if unit has not moved for some time.

End fittings

They are interchangeable and if necessary must be positively secured by the customer to prevent unscrewing.

Safety information

Mechanical Stop required 0.04 in to 0.06 in before end of stroke.

On request

Special oils, damping characteristics, and stroke lengths. Alternative accessories available on request.

General information

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