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Miniature Shock Absorbers

Stepless adjustment

Energy capacity 200 in-lbs/cycle
Stroke 0.50 inch

The miniature shock absorbers from the MA30 to MA900 product family can be adjusted and precisely adapted to your requirements. For example, the MA150 displays the rolling diaphragm technology from the MC150 to MC600 family and offers all of the advantages of this technology, such as use in pressure chambers. Thanks to long strokes (including 1.57 in on the MA900) lower reaction forces result, which provide a soft damping characteristic.

All variations of these units are maintenance-free, ready-to-install machine elements and have an integrated positive stop. They provide the best service where application data changes, where the calculation parameters are not clear or where maximum flexibility in the possible usage is required.

Hydraulic feed controls with the designations MA and MVC are especially used in handling modules or linear carriages and also for applications with changing usage data.

CAD Drawings




Stroke0.50 inch
MM14x1.5 inch

Technical Data

Energy capacity 200 in-lbs/cycle

Energy capacity 300,000 in-lbs/h

Effective weight min. 2 lbs

Effective weight max. 240 lbs

Return Force min. 0.70 lbs

Return Force max. 1.20 lbs

Return Time 0.4 s

Side Load Angle max. 2 °

Impact velocity range At speeds of 0.98 ft/sec the maximum allowed energy is approx. 17.70 in-lbs. Where higher energies occur use a shock absorber for the initial impact. Avoid high impact velocities.

Operating temperature range 32 °F to 150 °F

Mounting In any position

Positive stop Integrated

Adjustment Hard impact at the start of stroke, adjust the ring towards 9 or PLUS. Hard impact at the end of stroke, adjust the ring towards 0 or MINUS.

Material Outer body: Nitride hardened steel; Piston rod: Steel with black oxide finish or nitride hardened

Damping medium Oil, temperature stable


Damper is preset at delivery in a neutral position between hard and soft.

Safety information

External materials in the surrounding area can attack the seal components and lead to a shorter service life. Please contact ACE for appropriate solution suggestions.

On request

Nickel-plated, weartec finish (seawater resistant) or other special options available on request.

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