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Compact size and strong force absorption

Axial Damping
Energy capacity 257 in-lbs/cycle
Stroke max. 0.47 inch

Very efficient energy guzzlers: The TA profile dampers from the ACE TUBUS-Series are maintenance-free and ready to install. They're made of co-polyester elastomer; a material that only heats up slightly and ensures consistent damping. The TA models absorbs most of the energy at the start of the stroke.

The TA family has been specially developed for maximum energy absorption within a range of 18 in-lbs to 26,119 in-lbs. (2 Nm to 2,951 Nm). These dampers have a minimum height is thanks to the space-saving shape, with Ø 0.47" to Ø 4.57" (Ø 12 mm to Ø 116 mm). The dampers can be very easily and quickly installed with the provided special screw.

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Axial Damping


Stroke max.0.47 inch
A1.02 inch
d11.10 inch
d20.98 inch
d31.42 inch
MM6 inch
LM0.24 inch

Technical Data

Energy capacity 257 in-lbs/cycle

Energy capacity emergency use 407 in-lbs/cycle

Energy absorption 58 % to 73 %

Dynamic force range 196 lbs to 20,233 lbs

Operating temperature range -40 °F to 194 °F

Construction size 0.47 in to 4.57 in

Mounting In any position

Material hardness rating Shore 55D Shore

Material Profile body: Co-Polyester Elastomer

Environment Resistant to microbes, seawater or chemical attack. Excellent UV and ozone resistance. Material does not absorb water or swell.

Impact velocity range Max. 16.4 ft/sec

Torque max. M3: 0.74 ft-lbs
M4: 1.25 ft-lbs
M5: 1.70 ft-lbs
M6: 4.43 ft-lbs
M8: 14.75 ft-lbs
M12: 36.88 ft-lbs
M16: 88.51 ft-lbs


Suitable for emergency stop applications and for continous use. For applications with preloading and increased temperatures please consult ACE.

Safety information

Mounting screw should additionally be secured with Loctite.

General information

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