Vibration-Isolating Pads

Customized low frequency vibration isolation

Low Frequency Damping Pads
Natural frequency 11 Hz to 60 Hz

Isolating objects from flooring or foundations: ACE offers another effective solution for preventing damaging vibrations: its CEL low frequency damping pads. These pads, made from nitrile rubber, can be supplied with standard thicknesses of 1/2"", 1"" or 2"" (12.7 mm, 25.4 mm or 50.8 mm), and help reduce vibrations and noise to a minimum. CEL plates can be bonded to the floor and combined to create the right isolation packages to meet your needs. On-site consultation, vibration measurement on request and specially programmed design software for always help us find the best customer specific solution.

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Low Frequency Damping Pads

Technical Data

Operating temperature range -40 °F to 194 °F

Material Profile body: Mixed cellular PUR-Elastomer (polyurethane)

Standard colour Black

General information

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