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Viscoelastic Shock Absorbers

Simple Design – High reliability

Energy capacity 3,540,300 in-lbs/cycle
Stroke 33.46 inch

The self-adjusting Viscoelastic Shock Absorbers are designed on the principals of hydrostatic compression to combine the funtions of a shock absorber and a spring. The advantages are a high damping coefficient, a low sensitivity to temperature changes and increased security by integrated static preload.

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Stroke33.46 inch
A86.02 inch
B48.50 inch
d16,89 inch
d28.66 inch
d35.91 inch
d47.48 inch
d51.06 inch
d66.14 inch
E1.38 inch
F2.36 inch
G0.98 inch
H0.71 inch
I0.31 inch
J10.43 inch
K8.27 inch
MM35x1.5 inch

Technical Data

Energy capacity 3,540,300 in-lbs/cycle

Stroke 33.46 inch

Dynamic force max. 134,892 lbs

Dynamic force min. 76,439 lbs

Static force max. 95,549 lbs

Impact velocity range 1.64 ft/sec to 16.41 ft/sec. Other speeds on request.

Operating temperature range -4 °C to +122 °F. Other temperatures on request.

Mounting In any position

Positive stop Integrated

Material Outer body, Rod end button: steel painted grey; Piston rod: Zinc plated steel

Damping medium Visco elastic fluid


These slimline, high-performance safety shock absorbers are only designed for emergency stop situations. They can be used for a number of tasks in gantries and conveyor systems, processing centres or assembly machines.

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