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Small, strong and very robust

Partial Rotation Angle
Damping torque 17.70 in-lbs to 26.55 in-lbs

The damping direction of the rotary damper FYN-U1 can be either right or left rotation. The dampers can be directly mounted in the pivot point. The body is made of especially robust die-cast zinc. During each reverse movement of the unilateral decelerating versions there is a certain return damping torque that depends on the size. ACE rotary dampers are maintenance-free and ready-to-install.

Rotary damper products are built to metric specifications. For precise measurements, please refer to the ACE rotary damper catalog or contact an application expert.
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Technical Data

Damping torque 17.70 in-lbs to 26.55 in-lbs

Damping direction right

Construction size Ø 0.63 in

Lifetime 50,000 cycles, even after this time, the dampers still produce over approx. 80 % of their original damping moment. The service life may be significantly higher or lower, depending on the application.

Operating temperature range 23 °F to 122 °F

Material Outer body, Shaft: Zinc die-cast

Mounting In any position

Rotation angle max. 115°


Damping direction: Right hand damping = damping action in clockwise direction (when looking onto the output shaft or output shaft sleeve, depending on the damper type). A play of approx. 5° can occur at the beginning of movement.

Mounting information

No axial or radial forces may be induced via the shaft.

Safety information

Do not use rotary dampers as supports. Provide an external guide or support.

On request

Special designs available on request.

Application Examples

FYN-U1 Rotatable 90° bar hatch
FYN-U1 Rotatable 90° bar hatch
Ein angehender Meister hat für seine Tischlerprüfung ein Fernseh-/Barmöbel erstellt, bei dem der Barbereich mit einer um 90° drehbaren Barklappe versehen ist. Rotationsbremsen des Typs FYN-U1-R/L303 gestalten einerseits das Öffnen und Schließen der Klappe einfacher, andererseits bewahren sie diese vor einer Überbeanspruchung in den Endlagen. Außerdem beugen die Bremsen dem Einklemmen ...

Application Areas

  • Handhabungsmodule
  • Linearschlitten
  • Automaten
  • Fördereinrichtungen
  • Dämpfungsregulierung
Zum Einsatz kommen die Vorschub-Ölbremsen der Produktfamilie VC in industriellen und Automotive-Anwendungen oder auch im Maschinenbau und der Elektronikindustrie.

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