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Basic Types
TYPESEnergy capacity in-lbs/cycleEnergy capacity emergency use in-lbs/cycleStroke max. inch


Compact size and soft deceleration

Radial Damping
Energy capacity 20.4 in-lbs/cycle
Stroke max. 0.87 inch

For long, soft braking action: The TUBUS TR models deliver linear damping forces. These maintenance-free, ready-to-install elements are made of co-polyester elastomer, which only heats up slightly during operation and therefore provides consistent damping.

The radial loading enables a very long and soft deceleration with progressive energy reduction at the end of the stroke. The TR product family has been specially designed for maximum stroke with a minimum height, producing energy absorption per stroke extending from 10.6 in-lbs to 1,292 in-lbs. (1.2 Nm to 146 Nm). The dampers are available in compact formats of Ø 1.14" to Ø 3.94"(Ø 29 mm to Ø 100 mm) and are supplied with a special screw for simple, quick assembly.
Radial Damping


Stroke max.0.87 inch
A1.26 inch
B0.75 inch
C1.46 inch
D1.97 inch
MM5 inch
LM0.20 inch

Technical Data

Energy capacity 20.4 in-lbs/cycle

Energy capacity emergency use 47.8 in-lbs/cycle

Energy absorption 25 % to 45 %

Dynamic force range 49 lbs to 1,686 lbs

Operating temperature range -40 °F to 194 °F

Construction size 1.14 in to 3.93 in

Mounting In any position

Material hardness rating Shore 40D Shore

Material Profile body: Co-Polyester Elastomer

Environment Resistant to microbes, seawater or chemical attack. Excellent UV and ozone resistance. Material does not absorb water or swell.

Impact velocity range Max. 16.4 ft/sec

Torque max. M5: 2.21 ft-lbs
M6: 4.43 ft-lbs
M8: 14.75 ft-lbs


Suitable for emergency stop applications and for continous use. For applications with preloading and increased temperatures please consult ACE.

Safety information

Mounting screw should additionally be secured with Loctite.

On request

Special strokes, -characteristics, -spring rates, -sizes and -materials.

General information

Application Examples

TUBUS-TR  e-Scooter
TUBUS-TR e-Scooter
TUBUS bumpers make driving an e-scooter a real experience. The footboard of an electric scooter should be dampened to enable the driver to experience a comfortable ride even over potholes and other bumpy surfaces. Ideally, the characteristic line should be furnished with a soft increase in force over a long stroke. The elegant look of the scooter as well as the folding mechanism designed to ...
TUBUS-TR End position absorption on the hydraulic drive
TUBUS-TR End position absorption on the hydraulic drive
TUBUS bumpers safeguard hydraulic cylinders. In a testing facility for vehicle tanks, the test specimens are pulled out of the water with a support arm. A hydraulic cylinder carries out the swinging movement and is attenuated in the end position by two TUBUS TR85-50. Even if this work could be taken over by other absorber solutions, the energy balance clearly speaks for the benefits of the ...
TUBUS-TR turns shipping crates into sedans
TUBUS-TR turns shipping crates into sedans
High-quality audio and video technology literally have a high turnover rate in trucks during transport. Well-cushioned shipping crates are necessary in order that the high-quality equipment is not damaged and that work can begin immediately at any location in the world. To eliminate the damaging vertical impetuses due to impacts and falling, the BLOW UP Videoproduktion company relies on ...

Application Areas

  • Furniture industry
  • Sports equipment
  • Linear slides
  • Pneumatic cylinders
  • Handling modules
  • Machines and plants
  • Stacking units
  • Electro-mechanical drives
  • Conveyor systems
  • Dock constructions for shipbuilding
The TUBUS TR products are suitable as end position dampers in linear axes, in tool making and tool machines, in hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, handling equipment and other applications.

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