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Miniature self compensating shocks for high-speed applications

Energy capacity 75 in-lbs/cycle
Stroke 0.20 inch

SC25-HC to SC650-HC high cycle shock absorbers are engineered for high-speed equipment applications. These rugged performers are ideal for the packaging industry. They offer a short stroke, quick time through stroke and quick rod-ready time. In addition, these dependable self-compensating miniatures are capable of rapid repeat strokes. The result is faster cycling for your equipment and gains in production time for you.

Self-compensating shock absorbers react to changing energy conditions, without adjustment.

These miniature, self-compensating shock absorbers provide high-speed performance and reliability in a compact footprint. Applications include: Packaging equipment, slides, rotary actuators, small and medium robotics, machine tools, pick and place operations and more.

CAD Drawings


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Stroke0.20 inch
MM12x1 inch

Technical Data

Energy capacity 75 in-lbs/cycle

Energy capacity 266,000 in-lbs/h

Effective weight min. 165 lbs

Effective weight max. 1,760 lbs

Return Force min. 1.94 lbs

Return Force max. 3.4 lbs

Return Time 0.3 s

Side Load Angle max. 2 °

Impact velocity range 0.15 ft/sec to 13.52 ft/sec

Operating temperature range 32 °F to 150 °F

Mounting In any position

Positive stop Integrated

Material Outer body: Steel corrosion-resistant coating; Main bearing: Brass; Piston rod: Steel hardened; Locknut, Accessories: Steel; Rolling diaphragm: Rubber (EPDM); Stretch diaphragm: Rubber (nitrile)

Damping medium SF 96-500 and others


If precise end position is required, consider use of the optional stop collar.

Safety information

External materials in the surrounding area can attack the accumulator and lead to a shorter service life. Please contact ACE for appropriate solution suggestions. Suitable for use in pressure chambers up to 102 psi.

On request

Food grade oils, special threads available on request.

General information

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