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Motion Control


Small and lightweight for finest braking

Continuous Rotation, Gear included
Damping torque 0.2 Ncm to 1 Ncm

The damping direction of the ACE FRT-G2 product family with plastic body is rotating on both sides. The small rotary dampers can brake directly in the pivot point or linear through a gear and gear rack. ACE rotary dampers are maintenance-free and ready-to-install.

Technical Data

Execution Gear included

Damping torque 0.2 Ncm to 1 Ncm

Damping direction bidirectional

Construction size Ø 15 mm

Rotational speed max. 50 rpm

Lifetime 50,000 cycles (1 cycle = 360° left-hand, 360° right-hand). Even after this time, the dampers still produce over approx. 80 % of their original damping moment. The service life may be significantly higher or lower, depending on the application.

Operating temperature range 0 °C to +50 °C

Pressure angle 20°

Material Outer body, Shaft, Gear: Plastic

Mounting In any position

No. of teeth 14

Module 0.5

Mounting information

No axial or radial forces may be induced via the shaft.

Safety information

Do not use rotary dampers as supports. Provide an external guide or support.

On request

Special designs available on request. Toothed plastic racks (modules 0.5 to 1.0) are available for the rotary dampers with pinions.

Application Examples

FRT-G2  Playing card shuffling machine
FRT-G2 Playing card shuffling machine
ACE rotary dampers ensure the quiet shuffling of playing cards. Software controlled playing card shuffling machines such as this one are used throughout the world and are equipped with the FRT-G2-101-G1 type rotary dampers. Maintenance-free and ready to install. Before inserting the set of cards, you can ensure the quiet stopping of the plastic wedge in the equipment when it is driven upwards. ...

Application Areas

  • Handling modules
  • Linear slides
  • Automatic machinery
  • Conveyor equipment
  • Absorption control
The VC model of precision hydraulic feed controls is used in automotive and industrial applications as well as in mechanical engineering and the electronics industry.