Variable stop systems for workpiece heads in production machines

Clamping Elements LOCKED PN
ACE clamping elements assist in the production of drilling tools: the LOCKED-P system clamps and at the same time absorbs the opposing forces of the joining process without difficulty Copyright: GRAF automation GmbH, 88214 Ravensburg, Germany
Mech. engineering & automation
Machines and plants, Jacking systems, Light presses, Punching/stamping machines, Stacking units

ACE Rod clamping systems ensure precise and simultaneously variable positioning of workpiece heads in the manufacturing industry

ACE clamping elements are inserted, as a variable stop, during a joining process for the production of drilling tools. They meet the requirements for a precise positioning of the workpiece head and an adaptation of the length tolerance of up to 0.12 in, ideally. ACE was awarded the contract because the clamping element is attached on a bar and its PN LOCKED series is specifically designed for this purpose. For clamping on linear guides, rails, axles and shafts, ACE offers a great range of high-performance models.

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