Damping tasks perfectly solved at a depth of 31,496 in

Industrial Shock Absorbers MC33-HT to MC64-HT
The ACE industrial shock absorbers on the counterbalance swivel arms of the roll-hole flaps make the filling processes more efficient than previously used rubber buffers and self-built dampers Copyright: K+S KALI GmbH, 36269 Philippsthal, Germany
Traditional energy

MAGNUM for smooth working processes when backfilling underground

Even when a mine is no longer producing anything, underground work often continues. In many places, as in this case at K+S KALI GmbH, the cavities have to be filled again in order to secure the status of the mine workings in the long term. MAGNUM industrial shock absorbers with pin thrust bearings and square flanges from ACE ensure smooth processes here. This was impossible with the previously chosen means, hydraulic self-made dampers and rubber buffers. Both solutions wore out too quickly. The MAGNUM type provided a remedy.

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