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Hydraulic Feed Controls

Regulate feed rates in the best way

ACE Hydraulic feed controls are recommended as the perfect solution when sawing, cutting, drilling and in order to prevent the stick-slip effect on pneumatic cylinders. They can be precisely adjusted and provide speeds from 1/2"/min. (12 mm/min.) with a very low feed force or up to 1.5"/min. (38 m/min.) with a high feed rate.

These maintenance-free, ready-to-install hydraulic feed controls are self-contained hydraulic elements regulated by a precision throttle. The feed rate is set from the outside by turning the setting adjuster. The tried-and-tested rolling diaphragms used in many ACE shock absorbers also serve as a dynamic sealing element for a hermetic seal as well as volume compensation for the piston rod and provide the resetting of the piston when the force is removed.

Product families


VC25 Precise adjustment for any type of application: the VC model of hydraulic feed controls is ideally suited for the precise tuning of constant feed rates.


FA, MA, MVC Many application options: the hydraulic feed controls in models FA, MA and MVC are similar to that of the VC model.