Rubber-Metal Isolators

Stability even in the toughest applications

Ideal for mobile applications
Natural frequency 7.6 Hz to 13.3 Hz
Load range 58.0 lbs to 145.1 lbs

Versatile, robust and maintenance-free: The Marine Mounts product family machine mounts can be installed immediately and build to be rugged and long-lasting. They are made from galvanized metal and neoprene or natural rubber as the standard dampening material. Their construction is designed so that the longitudinal stiffness is two and a half times that of vertical stiffness and its lateral stiffness is 75 % that of the vertical stiffness. The Marine Mounts features a natural frequency of 7.8 Hz under maximum load.

Typical applications are ship engines, off-road equipment, diesel generators and other energy generation equipment.

CAD Drawings


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Ideal for mobile applications


MM12 inch
A4.72 inch
B2.36 inch
C1.52 inch
D0.79 inch
E3.94 inch
F0.56 inch
G0.55 inch
H0.43 inch
I0.55 inch

Technical Data

Natural frequency 7.6 Hz to 13.3 Hz Hz

Load range 58.0 lbs to 145.1 lbs lbs

Operating temperature range -22 °F to +176 °F

Environment Resistant against UV radiation

Material Outer body: Zinc plated steel; Isolation medium: Neoprene (chloroprene rubber)


Fail-safe. Versatile. Low natural frequency.

Mounting information

Can be installed in all spatial axes. Can be used for shear, compressive and tensile loads. Different stiffness values depending on operating direction.

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