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Ideal for harsh environments and spatial axes

Multi-Axes Machine Mounts
Natural frequency 12 Hz to 35 Hz
Load range 7 lbs to 400 lbs

Fail-safe protection, even when things get tough in harsh environments: The CM product family protects machines and components of all types against shock and vibration. Featuring a fail-safe protection design, compact construction and are customizable. They can also be tilted in the x-, y- and z-axes. They come standard with neoprene damping material. For heavy shock (off-road) and extreme temperatures we recommend silicone as a damping material.

The machine elements can be used for all loads: shear, compression and tension. They are available with a central thread or through borehole.

CM mounts keep vibration at a distance even in harsh environments. They secure compressors, electronic control units and systems, fans and blowers. They are used in off-road vehicles, shipbuilding, aircraft and many more industries.
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Technical Data

Natural frequency 12 Hz to 35 Hz

Load range 7 lbs to 400 lbs

Operating temperature range -22 °F to 176 °F

Environment Resistant against UV radiation



Mounting information

Can be installed in all spatial axes. Can be used for shear, compressive and tensile loads.

On request

Models suitable for temperatures from -80 °F to +300 °F with high-damping silicone. Models available with centric thread or through-hole. All metal parts galvanised, aluminium or stainless steel available on request.


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