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Compact powerhouse in solid material

Radial Damping, Heavy Duty Version
Energy capacity 26,331 in-lbs/cycle
Stroke max. 1.17 inch

Impact and collision protection: The TR-HD profile dampers are stressed in the same way as the basic model TR but offer a higher force and energy absorption with a shorter damping distance thanks to the solid design. Different damping characteristic curves can be achieved with two different co-polyester elastomer hardness levels. The slightly oval (bi-concave) shape also ensures a softer force intake.

This product family absorbs a lot of energy despite the low height: a range of 3,585 in-lbs to 104.793 in-lbs (405 Nm to 11,840 Nm) is progressively covered by strokes of 0.47" to 1.73" (12 mm to 44 mm). Delivered with two included screws, the damper can be easily and quickly installed both horizontally or vertically. The drill hole distance can be adapted if required.
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Radial Damping, Heavy Duty Version


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